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In any case of unpaid utilities, the building co-owners association may resort to the competent civil courts for their collection, ALWAYS suing the owner of the property regardless of whether it is leased or not.


The competent court is the Magistrates’ Court for a debt of up to € 20,000.


If there is a building regulation, the association of co-owners is represented by the elected Administrator or Chairman of the Management Committee, always in accordance with the provisions of the current rules of operation.


If there is no regulation, the expenses due can be claimed by those co-owners who paid them on behalf of the co-owner – debtor.


In 1996, EXPO, anticipating the need for legal representation of building managers, was the first to provide the service of legal coverage to its clients, as a provision of legal advice and in general legal services by its specialized associates.


In the more than 20 years of provision of the above services, more than 400 legal cases are dealt with annually, which are either legal advice of a preventive nature useful for the administrative bodies of the apartment building, or it is the drafting of applications, complaints, extrajudicial documents, opinions, etc.


Through legal coverage, more than 1500 disputes have been dealt with, half of which were resolved out of court and the rest were resolved after the filing of an action, either before its discussion, or by a court settlement, or following a court decision at first or second instance.


The legal service carries out serious social work since it tries and- to a great extent- achieves the resolution of disputes peacefully, through dialogue and in a transparent manner. It has the role of mediator, since the opposing parties are co-owners and the aim is to achieve a reasonable, morally and legally fair solution.


The cases of EXPO’s clients have formed in the last 20 years jurisprudence in the Greek civil courts and all cases (100% !!) have been successfully resolved.


The legal coverage guarantees the proper and legal operation of the building and provides the opportunity for easy and quick resolution of problems arising from the law of jointly-owned buildings, which for the most part is shaped by case law , given that the only law governing the law of the apartment building is Law 3741/1929 and therefore requires special practice .


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Dionysios Dimou & associates (Supreme Court Attorney)

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