Over 50 year experience in Computerized Issuing of Common Expenses & Financial Management of Apartment Buildings

EXPO SERVICES FOR APARTMENT BUILDINGS began its operation in the early 1970s, when it was the first in Thessaloniki to implement the use of computers for the distribution of common expenses in apartment buildings. In the more than fifty years that have passed, we have never stopped modernizing our computer system and investing in new technologies so that the provision of our services is always at the highest possible level.

Employing the most experienced staff, we are able to provide a series of useful services for the apartment building (issuance of common expenses, collection, payment of expenses and accounting, purchase of Labor Insurance Coupons, annual report of the management period, crews and technicians of every specialty and of course full legal support) that will surely help each Administrator in his admittedly difficult task.

However, our services are not only addressed to apartment buildings but to all kinds of buildings or residential units such as office buildings, holiday home complexes, shopping centers, etc. whatever their location.

The quality of our services and our experience in matters of common expenses and management is reflected in the trust that we have enjoyed for 50 years from our fellow citizens whom we warmly thank as thanks to them

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